Your Guide to Information and Requirements for the CSCA Credential.

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Your Guide to Information and Requirements for the
CSCA Credential:

The CSCA credential is designed to help you master the material that is required to earn a seat at an organization’s strategy table. Senior finance leaders are increasingly being called upon to apply their analytical and business skills to more strategy-oriented organizational issues, increasing the value that they provide to their organizations. They are forming business partner relationships
with other functions to provide and analyze both financial and nonfinancial data to make better business decisions.

The CFO team is being challenged to combine skills in strategy, operations, technology, and leadership, as well as accounting and finance, in order to become value creators, not just value stewards. This credential will complement the strong planning and analysis skills that you have already developed by passing the Certified Management Accountant (CMA®) exam. Successful candidates will add strategic perspective to their skill set and build the expertise needed to drive the strategic planning process.

The CSCA program offers flexible enrollment. You can purchase entry into the program, exam registration, and the IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series® separately.

Program Highlights:
  • 3-hour exam that includes 60 multiple-choice questions and 1 case study
  • 40-75 hours of study suggested, depending on your level of expertise
  • Earn up to 51 CPE credits!**
  • March and September exam windows

**21 NASBA CPE credits can be earned through the IMA Strategy and Competitive Analysis Learning Series® and 30 CPE credits can be earned by passing the CSCA exam.

Exam Overview:

The CSCA exam will cover and test three content areas:

  1. Strategic Analysis
  2. Creating Competitive Advantage
  3. Strategy Implementation and Performance Evaluation
Who Is It For?

Accounting and Finance professionals who:

  • Hold positions ranging from staff accountant to CFO
  • Aspire to expand their strategy knowledge for current or future roles