The CMA Exam is Changing In 2020!

The Exam is Changing In 2020!

ICMA® (Institute of Certified Management Accountants) recently undertook a comprehensive job analysis to ensure that topics on the CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) exam continue to be current, relevant and valid. Changes to the exam as a result of this survey can be found below. The changes to the CMA exam take effect on January 1, 2020.

Key Changes to Expect

Part 1:
Technology is transforming the profession, and we want our CMAs to be prepared. Part 1 of the CMA exam will include a new section on Technology & Analytics.

New Title: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics
New Content: Technology and Analytics, Integrated Reporting
Deleted Content: Internal Auditing


Part 2:
Being able to apply an ethical and strategic framework to decision-making in a complex, digital world is a skill every accounting and finance professional needs to have. Part 2 of the exam will expand the Professional Ethics and Decision Analysis sections.

New Title: Strategic Financial Management
New Content: Business Ethics, Sustainability and Social Responsibility
Deleted Content: Off-Balance Sheet Financing, Bankruptcy, Tax Implications of Transfer Pricing