Best ways to solve these multiple-choice questions

Many people take a guess to answer multiple-choice questions, but these type of questions require good skill and logic to answer them. Here are a few tips on how to solve multiple-choice questions.

Here are 6 tips for answering multiple-choice questions

  1. Understand the question properly
  2. Equate every answer to the question asked
  3. Chop out the wrong answer
  4. If every step fails, be confident and do the guesswork.
  5. Longest answers are often correct
  6. Grammatical aid can sometimes help.


  • Take up 1 question at a time
  • Do not waste time if you are not getting the answer for any question
  • You can always come back at the end
  • Cover all the possible answers as fast as you can
  • Take up mini-breaks
  • Execute a rescue round
  • If no idea, then make logical guesses
  • Always try to attempt the maximum number of questions
  • If you think the first option is correct, make sure that last option is not “all of the above
  • Follow the same rule for the option “none of the above
  • Check all the options even if you are sure about the answer
  • If confused, then skip it and move forward
  • If you have a little idea about the topic, then try to attempt
  • Imagine the topic to think logically without looking at the options.
  • If you have one gut answer and other knowledge answers, always go with knowledge answer
  • Try to use a true or false method in case of negatively worded question
  • Analyze well, and convince yourself before marking the answer
  • When your question ends with ‘a’, ‘an’ or ’the’, then the answer should start appropriate to the article and hence correct answer can be chosen appropriately.

    Though this does not stand true for all questions, but can help for few which has articles in it. Few questions in English can be handled this way for picking the right option.

  • In a multiple-choice question when there is an option as “all of the above” be careful in answering such type of question. Check to see if more than two options are right if so the choice can be opted.
  • Many individuals who take up objective type questions have the habit of guessing the middle option as the answer if they do not know. They also avoid answers which show none, all, always and never.
  • Last but not least, as per research, your first guess will always be right.
  • All the Best…


Ms Chitra Reddy