A Robust IT Governance Framework

Proper alignment between the organization and IT means:
 Senior management and the board understand the potential and limitations of IT.
 IT senior management understands the objectives and corresponding needs of the organization.
 This understanding is applied and monitored throughout the organization via an appropriate governance and accountability structure.

The main focus of IT governance is on creating alignment between organizational priorities and IT objectives to ensure that IT efforts concentrate on processes or projects that support strategic goals. Successful alignment between the organization and IT occurs when senior management and the board understand the value of IT as a strategic partner, and recognize IT’s role in supporting the bottom
A robust IT governance framework provides several benefits, including:
 Competitive advantage.
 Improved speed to market.
 Effective information security and compliance.
 Process automation and innovation.
 More informed decision making.
 Better understanding of root causes related to problems leading to continuous process improvement.
Activities that are in the IT governance scope include  :
 Align IT investments and priorities with business objectives.
 Manage, evaluate, prioritize, fund, measure, and monitor requests for IT services, and the resulting work and deliverables, in a more consistent and repeatable manner that optimizes returns to the business.
 Maintain responsible utilization of resources and assets.
 Establish and clarify accountability and decision rights – clearly defined roles and authority.
 Ensure that IT delivers on its plans, budgets, and commitments.
 Manage major risks, threats, change, and contingencies proactively.
 Improve IT organizational performance, compliance, maturity, staff development, and outsourcing initiatives.
 Champion innovation within IT and the entire organization